Saturday, April 2, 2011

Station of the Word for April

This is National Poetry Month, and begins with April Fool's Day.  Let's combine them:

You assignment this month is to take a familiar poem and write a pastiche that turns the meaning on its head.  You might do this with awkward or mixed metaphors, non sequiturs, outrageous rhymes, or . . . .  I'm sure you can think of something.

If you don't want to write a pastiche, you might consider a limerick (the best ones are salacious, of course), or just the worst poem you can imagine.

My favorite worst poem is

Only a Baby Small

Only a baby small,
Dropped from the skies;
Only a laughing face,
Two sunny eyes.

Only two cherry lips,
One chubby nose;
Only two little hands,
Ten little toes.

Only a golden head,
Curly and soft;
Only a tongue that wags
Loudly and oft.

Only a little brain,
Empty of thought;
Only a little heart,
Troubled with naught.

Only a tender flower
Sent us to rear;
Only a life to love
While we are here.

Only a baby small,
Never at rest;
Small, but how dear to us;
God knoweth best.

As I think about it, I shudder.

Please comment - or post your poem - below.

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